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Condom Promotion

Condom promotion programme works towards promoting consistent condom use through demand generation activities and strengthening condom supply to ensure easy accessibility & availability of condoms. Through various focused interventions in social marketing, the programme aims to achieve the NACP–III objectives of expanding the condom coverage to 3 million outlets and promoting condom sales by contributing 2 billion social marketed condoms in total condom market of 3.5 billion by 2012. In this direction, Technical Support Group-Condom Promotion is successfully implementing the Condom Social Marketing Programme (CSMP) since 2008. TSG-Condom Promotion also provides technical assistance on Condom Promotion to NACO, various State AIDS Control Societies (SACS) and Social Marketing Organisation (SMOs) and thereby contributes to NACO’s efforts in reversing and halting the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Coverage of condom social marketing program has witnessed massive scale up from 2008 to 2011. With focus on ensuring easy accessibility, quality of targeting was improved – more rural and non-traditional outlets (NTOs) were opened and hotspots around targeted interventions (TIs) were focused. Market leader position of GoIs brand of condom i.e. Deluxe Nirodh was leveraged through targets to enhance condom use especially among rural population and vulnerable groups.

On the other hand, successful implementation of effective demand estimation, monitoring distribution and tracking system of free condoms helped in reducing their wastage. "

Demand generation activities were also given a facelift by developing evidence based strategic communication campaigns catering to target audience with contemporary mindset. Alignment of mass media and on-the-ground communications activities was another step to boost the effectiveness of various condom promotion campaigns.

Technical Support Group (TSG) provides strategic inputs to the design and implementation of the condom promotion programmes under NACP III. Technical Support Group is setup by NACO and assists NACO/SACS in developing operational strategies for the condom promotion initiatives. TSG provides overall management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the targeted condom social marketing programmes across all priority districts in the country.

The Targeted Condom Social Marketing Programme has successfully completed its three phases and it is in the fourth phase of implementation. During the last three and half years of the CSMP, TSG has significantly contributed towards the condom promotion programme in India.

  • As per the CPIS (Condom Promotion Impact Survey), 2010 study findings, 98.4% (Rural-98.7%; Urban-97.6%) of the male respondents are aware of condoms, which are on the higher side, as compared to 88.4% (Rural-85.5%; Urban-95.0%), as mentioned in BSS, 2006.

  • The availability of socially marketed condoms in rural areas has been increased during this period. The contribution of condom sales in rural areas to the total condom sales has significantly increased from 44% during 2008-09 to 52% in 2010-11. The research study, Condom Promotion Impact Survey, in 2010 clearly depicts the fact that the availability of condom in rural areas has increased from 90.5% in 2006 (BSS, 2006) to 97.2% (CPIS, 2010).

  • The research also shows that the awareness on the consistent use of condom to prevent from HIV infection has increased from 69.5% in 2006 to 77.1% (BSS) in 2010 (CPIS).

  • The male respondents, who perceived that accessibility of condom within 30 min. walking distance has also increased from 81.2% in BSS, 2006 to 93% in CPIS, 2010.

  • Moreover, the intensified activities under CSMP has ensured reducing the mean time to access the condom from nearest source to 19 minutes (Rural-21 minutes; Urban-15 minutes-CPIS, 2010), from 30 minutes, as per BSS, 2006.

  • One of the key objectives under CSMP is to protect each and every risky sexual act by promoting condom usage. The CPIS, 2010 reveals that male respondents, who had sexual intercourse with commercial partners in past 12 months, 89% of them used of condom during sex with CSW (BSS, 2006-81%) and among them, 70.7% has used condom every time they had sex with CSW. In BSS, 2006, the consistent condom use with CSW was 58%. This finding encourages the activities performed by TSG-Condom Promotion under CSMP.

  • Consistent use of condom with girlfriend/ spouse has also increased from 16% in 2006 to 21% in 2010 (CPIS).


COMMUNICATION (Demand generation activities)
TSG ensured that behaviour change intervention is at the core of condom social marketing programmes with focus on men in reproductive age group. TSG, for the objective of increasing demand for condoms among high risk, bridge and general population ensured implementation of operational strategies in following areas:

  • Communication priorities for condom promotion
  • Design and develop condom campaign
  • Execution of condom campaign
  • Effective deliveries of key messaging by optimally using mid media platforms
  • Increasing knowledge and building positive perceptions among target audience
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Initiatives by TSG:

  • NACO has released mass media campaign for condom promotion on leading national networks of television and radio in December’11 and June 12. This condom promotion campaign was released in multiple regional languages and media platforms to facilitate reach, easy understanding and comprehension for the potential condom users across nation.

  • The media plan for this campaign has been prepared with the help of professional media planning approach and practices to reach out to larger target audience and generate better recall of key promotional message.

  • A unified condom promotion material template is being developed that will have uniform creative approach and shall encompass all requirements related to visibility enhancement exercises for promoting condom.


  • Implemented across 18 high-prevalence/high-fertility districts of Rajasthan, covering (70% of state’s population)

  • Implemented between July 2011 to June 2012
  • NACO contracted Social Marketing Organisation to implement CSMP –IV – Population Services International

  • Coverage of 100% of TI sites in programme districts & 9 truckers halt points

  • Covered 5035 villages across the 18 districts
  • Condom volume target of 29 million pieces with 40% sales done at outlets of rural areas
  • Outlet coverage of 48000

– 48% of outlets in rural areas

– 70% of outlets as non-traditional outlets (i.e. kirana shop, pan shop, fancy store, petty shop etc)

  • 17 lakh target population contacts targets (15-49 male population) with BCC activities.