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Mainstreaming and Public Private Partnership

      Mainstreaming and Public Private Partnership

Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS Programme in Rajasthan


Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS is one of the major preventive approaches of HIV/AIDS in the National AIDS Control Programme Phase III. The efforts of mainstreaming are generating multi sectoral response to HIV/AIDS with the involvement of government departments, public and private sectors, trade unions and civil society organization. To give the highest priority of mainstreaming UNDP-NACO project “Support to National Efforts of Mainstreaming of HIV” is added support to RSACS.

Four dimensional strategies have been adopted on mainstreaming.

• Strengthening government departments response to HIV/AIDS through integrating HIV/AIDS in their ongoing activities;

• Involvement of public and private sectors on HIV/AIDS programme through workplace policy and workplace intervention on HIV/AIDS;

• Involvement of Civil Society Organization for greater coverage of HIV/AIDS programme with sense of ownership;

• Capacity building of People living with HIV/AIDS and ensure social protection through amendment of government scheme/ policies in the best interest of PLHAs.

The Key achievement of mainstreaming:

Notable Achievements under Mainstreaming Project:

Government Departments:
Departments, included HIV/AIDS in their trainings and agenda
  • The major government departments have responded on HIV/AIDS mainstreaming activities and have deputed nodal officer and HIV/AIDS committee within the departments like Railway, Women and Child Development, Rural Development, Urban Development, Law & Justice, Tribal, Police, Panchyati Raj & Education.
  • Training of Trainers and sensitization workshop are regularly been organized.
  • HIV/AIDS is incorporated in the training manual of various government department like PRI, Rural Development, NRHM (Jan Mangal Couple), ASHA & AWTC.

 Corporate Sector…………

Number of industries have started HIV/AIDS programme.

  • Raj West Power Limited (A leading Corporate) has established a Migration Information Center (MIC) at their industrial unit in Barmer.
  • Industries like Ambuja Cement, Sab Miller have adopted workplace policy on HIV/AIDS and initiated workplace intervention.
  • Fortis-Escorts group has included the HIV issue into their staff induction Programme. The group has taken steps forward in Partner Mainstreaming by initiating Workplace Intervention Program with various corporate houses i.e. Reliance Industries and Genus etc.
  • Gas Authority of India Limited, Jodhpur has responded on HIV/AIDS awareness programme for the workforce.
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  • Number of corporate have signed workplace declaration on HIV/AIDS.
  • All India Trade Union Congress Rajasthan Chapter have formed HIV/AIDS committee and workplace policy on HIV/AIDS
  • More than 100 member of AITUC Rajasthan have been trained on HIV/AIDS.

Civil Society Organization

  • Civil Society Organization forums have been formed in the six priority districts of Ajmer, Alwar, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Barmer.
  • More than 114 non HIV NGOs, religious organization, corporate, union is part of civil society organization forums.
  • HIV/AIDS activities are incorporated by the civil society organization forums as one of the major agenda.
  • 100 Civil Society Organization have signed workplace declaration and committed for “Support to National Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV”.

Social Protection Scheme for PLHIV