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Monitoring & Evalution

India’s response to HIV epidemic is influenced by the available surveillance data, implementation capacities and political commitment at State and National level. Thus nationwide Computerized Management Information System (CMIS) provides strategic information to facilitate programme monitoring and evaluation. The objective is:

  • To establish a M&E system for systematic collection of data, transforming data into information and provide information for decision making.
  • To initiate rapid assessment, concurrent evaluation, data validation and integration with forthcoming community monitoring processes.
  • To coordinate various planning processes at district and state level.

Monitoring and Evaluation is a critical component of the Comprehensive HIV and AIDS plan. M&E system is a key component, and is crucial for an effective, efficient, and accountable response to the HIV epidemic. Rajasthan has a very effective system of MIS. The Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society has developed a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework, which is designed to measure progress towards the achievement of goals of the comprehensive HIV and AIDS plan. The comprehensive M&E Framework aims to monitor the resources invested, the activities implemented, services delivered as well as evaluate outcomes achieved and long-term impact made.


  • The reporting formats of CMIS prescribed under the NACP-III program are being used. Reporting and recording on prescribed formats is streamlined to a great extent. All Reporting units are sending reports in prescribed formats.
  • A web enable software SIMS is launched by NACO. The induction training of SIMS software for all concerned staff from State, DAPCU and reporting unit level was done in the year 2011. The SIMS live data entry is started in Rajasthan from December 2011 and then it is found that concerned staff requires a refresher training on SIMS software. A SIMS hands on refresher training was provided from 1st February’12 to 2nd March’12 in which about 430 persons were trained on SIMS software and the formats. Refresher training will be given every year to the staff of reporting units.

Salient Features

  • A system of regular feed back on the reports, on monitoring visits has been established.
  • Quarterly meetings are used to review physical progress and also as an opportunity for using data to arrive at decisions.
  • As the DAPCU is not established in all Districts, the CMIS reports from RUs are directly submitted to Rajasthan SACS. This information has been regularly reviewed and updated on monthly basis.
  • Computers and internet connectivity have been provided to all ICTCs and STD clinics. Number of ICTC centers is now sending the computerized CMIS report.
  • Data entry at reporting unit level in SIMS software has also been started and now it is streamlined.
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