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Targeted Intervention
Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART)
Care Support (CSC) & Home Based Care
Information Edu. & Comm.
Mainstreaming & Public Privite Partnership
Condom Promotion
Blood Safety
Sentinel Surveillance
Monitoring & Evalution
About us HIV/AIDS in Rajasthan Staff Members
Dr S.S. Chauhan
(Project Director)
Care & Support
Basic Services
Blood Safty & Q.A.
State Mainstreaming Unit
M & E
Technical Support Unit
T.I. & S.T.I. Division
Admin (Part A)
Admin (Part B)
Sr.No. Name of the Post Name of Officer/Staff Regular/Contractual
A. Division
A-1 Project Director Dr. S.S. Chauhan Regular
A-2 Divisional Assistant Sh. Nathu Lal Meena Contractual
B. C.S.T. Division
B-1 Addl. Project Director & I/c C.S.T. Vacant Dr. Pradeep Chaudhary (Add. Charge) Regular
B-2 Joint Director (CST) Vacant Contractual
B-3 Asstt. Dir. (Nursing) Vacant Sh. R.K. Soni in working arrangement Regular/Contractual
B-4 D.A. (C.S.T.) Sh. Dheeraj Sharma Contractual
C. Basic Services Division
C-1 Jt. Dir. (Basic Serv.) Dr. Raja Chawla Regular
C-2 Asstt. Dir. (Basic Serv.) Sh. Satveer Lamba Contractual
C-3 D.A. (Basic Serv.) Sh. Govind Kumar Singhal Contractual
D. Blood Safety & Q.A. Division
D-1 JD.y. Dir. (B.Safety I) Dr. G.C. Meena Regular
D-2 D.y. Dir. (B.Safety II) Dr. Ashok Jain Regular
D-3 Quality Manager Vacant Regular
D-4 Consultant (VBD) Sh. Manish Kumar Contractual
D-5 D.A. (B.S.)) Sh. Bhagwan Sahay Sharma Contractual
D-6 D.A. (R.S.B.T.C.) Vacant Contractual
E. M. & E. Division
E-1 Dy. Dir (M & E/Surveillance) Vacant Contractual
E-2 Statistical Officer & I/c Surveillance Sh. Mohan Lal Mahavar Regular
E-3 M & E. Officer Sh. Prakash Narvani Contractual
E-4 Assistant Statistical Officer Vacant Regular
E-5 D.A. (M. & E.) Sh. Navindra Singhal Contractual
E-6 D.A. (M. & E.) Sh. Nitin Saxena Contractual
F. TI & STI Division
F-1 Jt. Dir. (TI) Sh. Sunil Kumar Contractual
F-2 Dy.Dir. (S.T.I.) Vacant (Dr. Ashok jain) Addl. Charge Regular
F-3 Asstt. Dir. (TI) Smt. Pinky Shekhawat Contractual
F-4 D.A. (T.I.) Sh. Rahees Mohd. Neelgar Contractual
F-5 D.A. (S.T.I.) Sh. Bhaskar Sharma Contractual
G. IEC Division
G-1 Jt. Dir. (IEC) Sh. Pradeep Choudhary Contractual
G-2 Asstt. Dir. (D & P) Vacant Contractual
G-3 Consultant (Youth Affairs) Miss. Garima Bhati Contractual
G-4 Consultant (Civil Society Mainstreaming) Sh. Sitaram Yadav Contractual
G-5 GIPA Cooordinator Vacant Due to Court Stay Contractual
G-6 D.A. (IEC) Sh. Lalit Chauhan Contractual
G-7 D.A. (Mainstreaming) Vacant Contractual
H. Procurement Division
H-1 Asstt. Dir. (Proc.) Vacant Sh. Mansha Ram Jat Addl. Charge Regular
H-2 Store Incharge Sh. Mansha Ram Jat Regular
H-3 Procurement Assistant Sh. Satya Dev Sharma Contractual
H-4 D.A. (Proc.) Vacant Contractual
I. Finance Division
I-1 Jt. Dir. (Fin.) Smt. Anju Goyal Regular
I-2 Assistant Director (Fin.) Sh. Mahendra Kumar Mittal) Regular
I-3 Accountant Sh. O.P. Goyal Regular
I-4 Finance Assistant Smt. Deepthi Joji P. Varghis Contractual
I-5 Finance Assistant Sh. Yogesh Saini Contractual
I-6 Finance Assistant Sh. Dinesh Sharma Contractual
I-7 Cashier Sh. Gopal Das Gupta Regular
I-8 Divisional Assistant Sh. Jitesh Jain Contractual
J. Admin. Division
J-1 Admin Assistant Vacant Regular
J-2 Personal Assistant Vacant (Sh. Deepak Srivastav (working arrangement) Regular
J-3 Office Assistant Vacant Regular
J-4 D.A. (Estt.) Sh. Vinod Kumar Vijay Contractual
J-5 D.A. (Receipt & Dispatch) Smt. Renu Jain Contractual
J-6 D.A. (Store) Sh. Shyam Lal Meena Contractual
J-7 D.A. (General) Vacant Contractual
K. General Division
K-1 Driver Vacant Regular
K-2 Messenger I Vacant Regular
K-3 Messenger I Vacant Regular
No. of Post Sanctioned Vacant
Regular 22 12
Contractual 33 8
Total 55 20
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