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STI and RTI Services

Sexually transmitted infections and reproductive tract infections (STIs/RTIs) are important public health problem in India. Studies suggest that every year 6% of the adult population in India is infected with one or more STI/RTI. Individuals with STI/RTI have a significantly higher chance of acquiring and transmitting HIV. The prevention, control and management of sexually transmitted infection and reproductive tract infection (STI/RTI) is a well recognized cost effective strategy for controlling the spread of HIV and AIDS in the country as well as reducing reproductive morbidity. Individuals with STI/RTI are also known to cause infertility, reproductive wastage and affect the quality of life. STI/RTI services provide a window of opportunity for counseling on safer sex practice, HIV prevention and reproductive health and hygiene.

In Rajasthan minimum treatment services for STI/RTI are available in all PHCs, CHCs, first referral units (FRUs).The Designated STI/RTI clinics are available in all Medical Colleges and all the district hospitals. All TIs have established exclusive STI/RTI services and linkages with existing qualified service providers.

The issues of STI/RTI morbidity is duly addressed at Designated STI/RTI clinics (situated at government health care facilities at district level and above) providing free standardized STI/RTI services. These clinics have been branded as “Suraksha Clinics” and provide sexual & reproductive health services. In Rajasthan presently there are 53 DSRC (Designated STI/RTI clinics) in government sector.STI/RTI patients are also getting treatment in private sector under PPP mode.